Definition of where in English:


Syllabification: where
Pronunciation: /(h)wer


1In or to what place or position: where do you live? where is she going? [with preposition]: where do you come from?
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  • The platform was then moved and the mice had to remember where it was last positioned.
  • But you're not in a position to say where he was whilst this was going on?
  • No one saw what happened to the company director, or exactly where he was when the wall of water struck.
1.1In what direction or respect: where does the argument lead?
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  • Further directions on where exactly to point it are not available as of time of press.
  • This type of focus helps the government out, letting it know where investment should be directed.
  • It can be held in one hand and can make it easier to direct where the floss is going than using your fingers.
1.2In or from what source: where did you read that?
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  • If you don't hear music at home or at school then where will you hear it?
  • It was the writer's recommendations of where else to read, as much as it was something to read in and of itself.
  • Yadda yadda yadda, Jews trying to control the world, where have I heard that one before?
1.3In or to what situation or condition: just where is all this leading us?
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  • So where does that leave us?
  • But where is all this leading us?


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1At, in, or to which (used after reference to a place or situation): I first saw him in Paris, where I lived in the early sixties
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  • Though she did not marry the father, he built her a house where she lived and raised their son.
  • At last, he has been allowed to take up his office in the House of Commons, where he has raised the Irish flag.
  • There is no trace of the house where the grandparents lived for more than 40 years.
2The place or situation in which: this is where I live
More example sentences
  • But here is where it all went wrong, Lynne.
  • This bill should be consigned to the rubbish bin because it is wrong and that is where it belongs.
  • I live with my mom in Braintree, south of Boston, and if I get it wrong then these guys know where to find me.
2.1In or to a place or situation in which: sit where I can see you where people were concerned, his threshold of boredom was low
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  • I like to go where the breeze blows free and the windows of the heart are not shut.
  • I never buy a product unless it is cruelty free and I always try to buy free range where I can.
  • Mr Bernau said he accepted the fees as a part of the open market, but urged people to use a free machine where possible.
2.2In or to any place in which; wherever: he was free to go where he liked
More example sentences
  • The focus puller was the biggest hero on our set because we were very free to move where we wanted to.
  • We went where there were free samples, elbowing each other out of the way to get to them.
  • The Jews in Domachevo were free to go where they liked and do what they wanted, subject to no restriction.


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1That: do you see where the men in your life are emotionally unavailable to you? I see where the hotel has changed hands again
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  • I don't see where she has even gotten out of the starting blocks.
2Whereas: where some caregivers burn out, others become too involved
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  • Where some people see cowardice in Cally, I see innocence.


Old English hwǣr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch waar and German wo.

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