Definition of whereas in English:


Syllabification: where·as
Pronunciation: /ˌ(h)werˈaz


1In contrast or comparison with the fact that: you treat the matter lightly, whereas I myself was never more serious
More example sentences
  • She's the one who is moving on whereas her parents are stuck with the story, are stuck in the past.
  • He lived through his era, whereas so many of his friends died in racing accidents.
  • Nanjing has also in the past been the capital of China, whereas now Beijing has that role.
1.1(Especially in legal preambles) taking into consideration the fact that.
More example sentences
  • Negligence depends on a breach of duty, whereas contributory negligence does not.
  • Thus Mr Smith is now the respondent to this appeal, whereas Mr Clark was the claimant below.
  • The desks have damaged the walls, whereas a more appropriate choice could have prevented such damage.

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