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white bread

Syllabification: white bread


Bread that is light in color, made with flour that has been through a refining process: a thick slice of white bread refined carbohydrates, such as white breads, contain more starch than whole grains
More example sentences
  • Breads with high fibre make you feel fuller than white bread.
  • The sandwich is a slice of black or white bread with butter and cheese or sausage, slices of fresh tomato, radish, or cucumber.
  • We'll cook the turkey our way, have chestnut-apple dressing using fresh white bread, eat whole berry cranberry sauce and al dente veggies.


(white-bread) North American informal Back to top  
Blandly conventional in a way that is regarded as characteristic of the white middle classes: inoffensive white-bread comedies
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  • Before that, before corporate man became a sexy thing, corporate America was a white-bread, repressed, deeply uncool place to be.
  • And all of sudden, we then get white-bread television, and you know, we'll have television of the '50s again.
  • We must find some alternative to the most insular tendencies of ethnic social clubs, but not white-bread homogeneity or the romance of going it alone.

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