Definition of whiz in English:

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Pronunciation: /(h)wiz/
(also whizz)

verb (whizzes, whizzing, whizzed)

1 [no object] Move quickly through the air with a whistling or whooshing sound: missiles whizzed past figurative the weeks whizzed by
More example sentences
  • Just the sound of the ball whizzing past me as I was struck out yet again.
  • Suddenly the silence was interrupted by the sound of arrows whizzing and striking soft objects.
  • The sound of cars whizzing by on the lonely suburban road always had a calming effect on him.
zoom, flash, zip, whip, hurtle, fly
1.1 (whiz through) Do or deal with quickly: Audrey would whiz through a few chores in the shop
More example sentences
  • Once you've cracked the control and played through the levels once or twice, you can whizz through the game very quickly.
  • This is ideal for anyone whizzing through in a lunch-break (although it is perfectly possible to take a leisurely stroll through all the rooms in an hour).
  • One of these whizzes through about 30 variations of a skeletonised ‘Little Brown Jug’ with witty compositional virtuosity.
1.2 [no object] Cause to rotate in a machine, especially a food processor: add remaining sauce and whiz until smooth
More example sentences
  • Shortly before serving, whiz the tapenade ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
  • To make the pancakes, whiz the flour, salt, eggs and milk until smooth in a food blender or liquidiser.
  • Make the pastry case by whizzing the flour and butter in a food processor until they resemble fine breadcrumbs.
2 [no object] informal Urinate.
Example sentences
  • But its not socially acceptable to even discuss whether those views originate from the almighty or a drunken guy whizzing on a tree stump.


1A whistling or whooshing sound made by something moving fast through the air.
Example sentences
  • I can add whizzes, bangs and sparkles really easily.
  • Other than that, the £25m building site at the Vauxhall End drowned out the noise of the cricket with whirrings and crashes, whizzes and bangs.
  • Add in the fact that when the actual image is being produced, the tube thumps and bangs and whizzes, while the technician is telling you to hold your breath!
2 (also wiz) informal A person who is extremely clever at something: a computer whiz
Early 20th century: influenced by wizard
More example sentences
  • Luckily, my mom is a wiz at computer stuff and she's managed to restore Windows without damaging any of my data (at least, it appears that way).
  • I had become a wiz with the computer, and all of the librarians relied on me.
  • She, being a financial wiz, had told me to transfer my balance to a card with 0% APR, and then transfer it again after nine months.
genius, virtuoso, ace, master, prodigy, hotshot, wizard, magician
3North American informal An act of urinating.
Example sentences
  • You walk into the theater's basement, you look, you go take a whizz, you come out, you look again, you check your zipper, and then you leave.
  • Go stand in corner, take a whiz, shake it off, zip up.
  • Mind you, I do prefer to sneak outside sometimes and just have a whiz on the lemon tree in the backyard.


Mid 16th century: imitative.

For editors and proofreaders

Syllabification: whiz

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