Definition of wield in English:


Syllabification: wield
Pronunciation: /wēld


[with object]
1Hold and use (a weapon or tool): a masked raider wielding a handgun
More example sentences
  • Security guards were robbed at gunpoint by raiders wielding a sawn-off shotgun and a pistol.
  • He ran across the battle field, wielding no weapon except for a small knife.
  • Here and there lay the bodies of a few raiders, killed by desperate farmers wielding crude weapons.
use, employ, handle
1.1Have and be able to use (power or influence): faction leaders wielded enormous influence within the party
More example sentences
  • The Royal Company of Archers is a group of mostly elderly men who dress up for ceremonial events, but they also wield power and influence.
  • As a leading shareholder, he wields power and influence himself, and has not been afraid to use it.
  • Was that Cabinet minister under a misapprehension or do you actually wield power or influence?
exercise, exert, hold, maintain, command, control


Old English wealdan, wieldan 'govern, subdue, direct', of Germanic origin; related to German walten.



More example sentences
  • Key to the success of such narratives is the existence of a disenfranchised population who want to be liberated and can be re-imagined as legitimate wielders of state power.
  • It silenced his critics, confounded his doubters and forced those knife wielders to return those implements to their dusty habitats for another day.
  • They savoured the preparations along with their friends, and watched the willow wielders and the bowlers display their prowess.

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