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Syllabification: writ·er
Pronunciation: /ˈrītər


  • 1A person who has written a particular text: the writer of the letter
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    • A number of commentators, including letter writers to this newspaper, have made the point, banging on about the general rottenness of modern life.
    • Creative leeway has always been granted to those novelists and letter writers who are able to pull off a controversial use of rhetoric with talent and grace.
    • There also is usually a diverse mix of essayists and letter writers on our op-ed page.
  • 1.1A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation: the distinguished travel writer Freya Stark
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    • Members include a variety or writers and would vary from scribblers to novelists, poets, and writers of short stories and writers for children.
    • Alex Ninian is a travel writer whose articles on India and other countries have appeared in numerous British and American publications.
    • ‘The book is about growing old as a man,’ says short story writer, novelist and playwright Carl Nixon.
    author, wordsmith, man/woman of letters, penman; novelist, essayist, biographer; journalist, columnist, correspondent; scriptwriter, playwright, dramatist, dramaturge, tragedian; poet
    informal scribbler, scribe, hack
  • 1.2 [with adjective] A person who writes in a specified way: Dickens was a prolific writer
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    • Hardy was an especially polished and prolific writer and had the greatest effect in leading this resurgence of British mathematics.
    • Leach was such a skillful and prolific writer himself that I wondered why someone else would want to tell his story.
    • An engineer, prolific writer and social activist with a difference, he was different things to different people.
  • 1.3A composer of musical works: a writer of military music
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    • Oscar Hammerstein - the greatest musical writer before Sondheim - was a friend of the Sondheim family, and adopted the teenage musician as a protégé.
    • It is now my intention to invite a few experienced musical writers willing to share their thoughts on the matter, so watch this space!
    • Musical writers have ran out of ideas - and their producers are refusing to take risks on something that may well turn out to be a flop.
  • 1.4 Computing A device that writes data to a storage medium.
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    • Support for multimedia devices such as CD writers is improved but SuSE support for scanners, though improved, remains less than perfect.
    • You could use a zip drive, a CDR / DVD writer, a USB drive or a secure online storage service.
    • Goods seized included 1000s of illegal copies of software, music and films plus PCs, CD / DVD writers and video recorders.
  • 1.5 Stock Market A broker who makes an option available for purchase or sells options.
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    • The writers look at many options and identify opportunities to meet different financial needs.
    • The option writers on the gold floor have been writing calls on the metals markets with impunity as of late.
    • The writer of a naked option, be it a put or a call, would therefore not benefit from a rise in volatility since writers desire the price of the option to decline.
  • 1.6 [with adjective] A person who has a specified kind of handwriting: neat writers
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    • Writing on paper is great, and I, too, am a fast and neat writer.
    • If you're a sloppy writer, try to find a way to write messily but still make it look good.
  • 1.7British historical A scribe.
  • 1.8British archaic A clerk, especially in the navy or other government offices.


writer's block

The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.
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  • I've been trying for some time to help Suzy overcome a bad case of writer's block, partly by encouraging her to blog.
  • Some call it writer's block, others, cruelly, call it a lack of creativity.
  • From his output, you wouldn't think Stephen King suffered from writer's block.

writer's cramp

Pain or stiffness in the hand caused by excessive writing.
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  • Their definition of a disease is loose, at best; the list includes everything from cancer and AIDS to constipation, colour blindness, writer's cramp and the hiccups.
  • Getting writer's cramp in the midst of What Maisie Knew, Henry James hired a shorthand typist and his style changed accordingly.
  • A fellow joked afterwards that I should have writer's cramp what with all the books I had to sign.


Old English wrītere (see write).

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