Synonyms of accent in English:



Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
  • 1 a Scottish accent
    pronunciation, intonation, enunciation, elocution, articulation, inflection, tone, modulation, cadence, timbre, utterance, manner of speaking, speech pattern, speech, diction, delivery;
    rare orthoepy
  • 2 the accent is on the first syllable
    stress, emphasis, accentuation, force, prominence;
    beat, rhythm, pulse
    technical tone, ictus
  • 3 the accent is on comfort
    emphasis, stress, priority;
    importance, prominence
  • 4 an acute accent
    mark, diacritic, diacritical mark, accent mark, sign
  • verb

    Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable
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  • 1 both versions of this chant accent the last syllable
    stress, put/lay/place the stress on, emphasize, put/lay/place the emphasis on, give emphasis to, put the force on, accentuate
  • 2 fabrics which accent the background colours in the room
    focus attention on, bring/call/draw attention to, point up, underline, underscore, accentuate, highlight, spotlight, foreground, feature, give prominence to, make more prominent, make more noticeable, play up, bring to the fore, heighten, stress, emphasize, put/lay emphasis on
    [Antonyms] mask, divert attention from
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