Synonyms of accident in English:



  • 1 he was involved in an accident at work
    mishap, misfortune, misadventure, mischance, unfortunate incident, injury, disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, contretemps, calamity, blow, trouble, problem, difficulty
    technical casualty
  • 2 there was an accident on the motorway
    crash, collision, smash, bump, car crash, car accident, road accident, traffic accident, road traffic accident, RTA, multiple crash, multiple collision; rail accident, derailment; air accident, air crash; North Americanwreck
    informal smash-up, pile-up, shunt
    British informal prang
  • 3 it is no accident that there is a similarity between them
    chance, mere chance, coincidence, twist of fate, freak, hazard; piece of good fortune, (bit of) luck, (bit of) good luck, fluke, happy chance; serendipity, fate, fortuity, fortune, providence; North Americanhappenstance
  • Phrases

    by accident

    we met purely by accident
    [Antonyms] intentionally
    fortuitouslyaccidentallycoincidentallyby chanceby coincidenceby a flukeunintentionallyinadvertentlyunwittinglyunknowinglyunawaresunconsciouslyby mistakemistakenly

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