Synonyms of acclaim in English:



  • 1 the booklet has been widely acclaimed by teachers
    praise, applaud, cheer, commend, express approval of, approve, express admiration for, welcome, pay tribute to, speak highly of, eulogize, compliment, congratulate, celebrate, sing the praises of, praise to the skies, rave about, go into raptures about/over, heap praise on, wax lyrical about, say nice things about, make much of, pat on the back, take one's hat off to, salute, throw bouquets at, lionize, exalt, admire, hail, toast, flatter, adulate, vaunt, extol, glorify, honour, hymn, clap
    informal crack someone/something up
    North American informal ballyhoo
    archaic emblazon
    [Antonyms] criticize
  • 2 Eardwulf was acclaimed king of Northumbria in 796
    proclaim, announce, declare, pronounce, hail as
  • noun

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  • she has won acclaim for her commitment to democracy
    rare extolment, laudation, eulogium
    [Antonyms] criticism
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