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  • 1 the police officer then gave his account of the incident
    description, report, version, story, narration, narrative, statement, news, explanation, exposition, interpretation, communiqué, recital, rendition, sketch, delineation, portrayal, tale; chronicle, history, record, archive, annal, minute, transaction, proceeding, transcript, diary, journal, weblog, blog, vlog, moblog, memoir, review, register, log, relation, rehearsal, side, view, impression
    Military, informal sitrep
  • 2 a sensitive account of the Debussy Sonata
    performance, interpretation, rendering, rendition, reading, recital, playing, singing, execution
  • 3 (usually accounts) the firm's accounts are in good order
    financial record, book, ledger, journal, balance sheet, financial statement, results
  • 4 departing guests pay their accounts at the office
    bill, invoice, statement, list of charges, reckoning, tally; debt, amount due; North Americancheck
    informal tab
    archaic score
  • 5 he has accounts with several banks
  • 6 the casualties they suffer will be of no account
    importance, import, significance, consequence, moment, momentousness, substance, note, mark, prominence, value, weightiness, weight, concern, interest, gravity, seriousness
  • Phrases

    by all accounts

    by all accounts Hayes was a man of taste and cultivationreputedlysupposedlyaccording to popular beliefso the story goesso I'm toldso people sayby reputeallegedlyputativelyapparentlyseeminglyostensibly

    on account of

    they had closed early on account of the snowbecause ofowing todue toas a consequence ofthanks tothroughby reason ofby/in virtue ofon grounds ofin view ofafterfollowingin the wake ofat a time of

    on no account

    on no account sign any document without reading it
    [Antonyms] definitely
    nevercertainly notabsolutely notdefinitely notnot in any eventby no meansnot under/in any circumstancesunder/in no circumstancesnot for any reasonnot for a moment informalno waynot on your lifenot in a million yearsnot for love or moneyBritish informalnot on your nelly

    take something into account (or take account of something)

    let's look at the factors you should take into account
    [Antonyms] ignore
    considertake into considerationmake allowances forrespectbear in mindbe mindful ofhave regard toreckon withremembermindmarkheednotenot forgetmake provision fortake to heartpay/have regard tobe guided by


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  • her visit could not be accounted a success
    consider, regard as, reckon, hold to be, think, think of as, look on as, view as, see as, take for, judge, adjudge, count, deem, rate, gauge, interpret as
  • Phrases

    account for

  • 1 they must account for the delay
    explain, give an explanation, come up with an explanation, explain away, answer for, give reasons for, rationalize, provide a rationale for, show grounds for, elucidate, illuminate, clear up; defend, vindicate, justify, excuse, make excuses for, make acceptable
    rare extenuate
  • 2 excise duties account for over half the price of Scotch
    constitute, make up, comprise, form, compose, be responsible for, represent, supply, provide, give
  • 3 its awe-inspiring whirlpool has accounted for many sailors’ lives
    dispose of, finish off, make an end of, deal with, put paid to, take care of, clear up, mop up, eliminate, kill, destroy, dispatch, put out of action, incapacitate
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