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Synonyms of accurate in English:


  • 1 accurate information
    correct, precise, exact, right, errorless, error-free, without error, faultless, perfect, valid, specific, detailed, minute, explicit, clear-cut, word for word, unambiguous, meticulous, authoritative, reliable, canonical
    British informal spot on, bang on
    North American informal on the money
    [Antonyms] inaccurate, inexact
  • 2 an accurate description
    [Antonyms] inaccurate, loose
  • 3 an accurate shot
    well aimed, precise, on target, unerring, deadly, lethal, sure, true, on the mark, careful, meticulous, painstaking, precision;
    British  inch-perfect
    British informal spot on, bang on
    [Antonyms] inaccurate, wayward
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    accurate, precise, exact
    All these words apply to information or statements that are correct.An accurate statement or representation has been put together with great care and corresponds to the facts ( he gave a frighteningly accurate description of her life | an accurate and intelligible technical drawing). Both accurate and exact can be used to mean ‘providing a faithful representation’ ( an accurate description | an exact copy).Precise denotes minute attention to detail and implies that something can be measured or quantified. It draws a contrast with something that may be correct (or ‘accurate’) but is more vague or approximate ( we have no precise figures for possible job losses | he gave her precise directions on the route). The common idiom to be precise is used to narrow the focus of a topic and give more detail ( my parents live abroad—in North Borneo, to be precise).Exact emphasizes that something has been definitely identified, with no margin for vagueness or error ( we may never know the exact number of deaths), and an exact statement is one that is both precise and truthful. Unlike precise, exact is an adjective that cannot generally be modified by an adverb (one cannot say that something is ‘very exact’), which underlines the sense of absoluteness and pinpoint detail. Both precise and exact are used for emphasis ( at that precise moment | you can show me the exact spot).
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