Synonyms of acute in English:



  • 1 Emily had an acute ear for instrumental sounds
    [Antonyms] poor
  • 2 he has an exceptionally acute mind
    British informal suss
    Scottish & Northern English informal pawky
    North American informal heads-up, whip-smart
    dated , informal long-headed
    [Antonyms] slow-witted
  • 3 the acute food shortages of post-war England
    severe, critical, drastic, dire, dreadful, terrible, awful, grave, bad, serious, profound;
    all-important, vital, dangerous, hazardous, perilous, precarious;
    archaic parlous
    rare egregious
    [Antonyms] negligible
  • 4 the meal gave us acute pains in our stomachs
    stabbing, shooting, penetrating, piercing, sharp, keen, racking, searing, burning, consuming;
    fierce, ferocious;
    intense, severe, extreme, excruciating, agonizing, grievous, hellish, torturous, tormenting, unbearable, insufferable, unendurable, more than one can bear, more than flesh and blood can stand
    literary exquisite
    [Antonyms] dull, mild
  • 5 the patient had acute colitis
    severe, intense, short-lasting;
    Medicine peracute
    informal short and sharp
    [Antonyms] chronic
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    acute, keen, penetrating
    See keen1

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