Synonyms of agitate in English:



  • 1 I must warn you that any mention of Clare agitates your grandmother
    upset, perturb, fluster, ruffle, disconcert, unnerve, disquiet, disturb, distress, unsettle, bother, concern, trouble, cause anxiety to, make anxious, alarm, work up, flurry, worry; inflame, incite, provoke, stir up
    [Antonyms] calm
  • 2 she urged us to agitate for the appointment of more women to cabinet posts
    campaign, strive, battle, fight, struggle, crusade, push, press; argue, debate, dispute, wrangle
  • 3 they were used as stirrers to help to agitate the vast masses of fermenting vegetation
    stir, whisk, beat, churn, shake, toss, blend, whip (up), fold, roil, jolt, disturb
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