Synonyms of air in English:



  • 1 hundreds of birds hovered in the air
  • 2 I was opening the windows to get some air into the room
    breeze, draught, wind; breath of air, gust of air, flurry of air, waft of air, puff of wind, whiff of air, blast of air
  • 3 he upended his glass with an air of defiance
    expression, appearance, look, impression, aspect, manner, bearing, mien, countenance; mood, quality, ambience, aura, feeling, flavour, tone
    informal vibe
  • 4 (airs) he'd no patience with women putting on airs
  • 5 a traditional Scottish air
    tune, melody, song, theme, strain, refrain, piece, aria
    literary lay
  • Phrases

    in the air

    lots of exciting things are in the air heregoing onhappeningafootaroundaboutabroadcirculatingcurrentstirringin circulationat largegoing aboutin the windbrewingloomingon the wayin the offingon the horizon informalon the godoing the roundson the cardsin the pipeline literaryastir

    up in the air

    it's still up in the air whether he is going to join us
    [Antonyms] certain settled
    uncertainunknownundeterminedunsettledunresolvedunsurependingin the balancein limboin no man's landdebatableopen to questionin doubt informaldiceyhairyiffyBritish informaldodgy


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  • 1 this is a chance for you to air your views
    express, voice, make public, vent, ventilate, articulate, state, declare, give expression to, give voice to; make known, publicize, publish, disseminate, circulate, communicate, spread, promulgate, broadcast; reveal, announce, proclaim, divulge, submit, raise, moot, propose; discuss, debate; have one's say
  • 2 the windows were opened regularly to air the room
    ventilate, aerate, freshen, refresh, cool, air-condition
  • 3 the film was aired nationwide
    broadcast, transmit, beam, send/put out, televise, show, telecast, relay, put on the air/airwaves, disseminate
    informal screen
  • Word links

    aero- related prefix, as in aeroplane, aerosol
    aerial relating to air
    aerodynamics study of moving air

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