Synonyms of all in English:



  • 1 all the children went all creatures need sleep
    each of, each one of the, every one of the, every single one of the; every, each and every, every single
    [Antonyms] no
  • 2 the sun shone all week did you believe all that?
    the whole of the, every bit of the, the complete, the entire, the totality of the; in its entirety
    [Antonyms] none of the
  • 3 in all honesty with all speed
    [Antonyms] no little
  • pronoun

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  • 1 all are welcome
    everyone, everybody, each/every person, the (whole) lot
    [Antonyms] none nobody
  • 2 all of the cups were broken
    each one, each thing, the sum, the total, the whole lot
    [Antonyms] none
  • 3 they took all of it
    everything, every part, the whole amount, the total amount, the (whole) lot, the entirety, the sum total, the aggregate
    [Antonyms] none nothing
  • Phrases

    all and sundry

    they walk out and decry what they've seen to all and sundryeveryoneeverybodyevery personeach personeach oneeach and every oneallone and allthe whole worldthe world at largethe publicthe general publicpeople everywhere informal{every Tom, Dick, and Harry}every man jackevery mother's son


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  • he was dressed all in black
    completely, fully, entirely, totally, wholly, absolutely, utterly, outright, thoroughly, altogether, quite, in every respect, in all respects, without reservation, without exception
    [Antonyms] partly, not at all
  • Phrases

    all but

    the entire nation was limited to three weekly gallons, making long-distance travel by car all but impossiblenearlyalmostjust aboutaboutmore or lesspracticallyvirtuallyas good asnext toclose tonearnigh onnot far fromnot far offto all intents and purposesapproachingbordering onverging onnearingroughlyapproximatelynot quite informalpretty nearlypretty muchpretty well literarywell-nigh

    all for

    I'm all for genetic engineering to remove diseases
    [Antonyms] against
    in favour ofproforgiving support togiving backing toright behindencouraging ofapproving ofsympathetic to

    all in all

    all in all, I think this is a thorough reportall things consideredconsidering everythingon the wholetaking everything into consideration/accountat the end of the daywhen all's said and done

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    omni- omnivorous, omnipresent
    pan- related prefix, as in pan-European, pansexual
    panto- related prefix, as in pantograph, pantomime

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