Synonyms of all right in English:

all right


  • 1 the tea was all right
    satisfactory, acceptable, adequate, good enough, fairly good, fine, passable, reasonable, unobjectionable, suitable
    informal OK, so-so
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactory
  • 2 are you sure you're all right?
    unhurt, uninjured, unscathed, in one piece, undamaged, safe, safe and sound, unharmed, alive and well, well, fine, out of danger, out of the wood(s)
    informal OK
    [Antonyms] hurt, in danger
  • 3 it's all right for you to go now
    legal, lawful, legitimate, licit, within the law, authorized, sanctioned, sanctionable, approved, above board, within accepted bounds;
    passable, tolerated, tolerable, proper, in order;
    excusable, pardonable, venial
    informal OK, legit, kosher, pukka
    [Antonyms] forbidden, unacceptable
  • adverb

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  • 1 the system works all right
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactorily
  • exclamation

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  • all right, I'll go
    very well (then), fine, good, right, right then, yes, agreed
    British informal righto, righty-ho
    Indian informal acha
    [Antonyms] no
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