Synonyms of alternative in English:



  • 1 an alternative route an alternative government
    different, other, another, second, possible, substitute, replacement;
    deputy, relief, proxy, surrogate, cover, fill-in, stand-in;
    North American alternate
    North American informal pinch-hitting
  • 2 alternative medicine an alternative lifestyle
    original, new, novel, fresh;
    eccentric, exotic, Bohemian, idiosyncratic, abnormal, extreme, divergent, aberrant, anomalous, bizarre, outlandish, perverse
    informal off the wall, oddball, way-out, cranky, zany
  • noun

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  • we have no alternative but to go an acceptable alternative to tropical hardwood
    option, choice, other possibility;
    substitute, replacement, proxy, reserve, surrogate, stand-in;
    possible course of action, resort, way out
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