Synonyms of angle in English:



  • 1 the wall is sloping at an angle of 33° to the vertical
    gradient, slant, inclination;
    geometrical relation
  • 2 the right-hand angle of the goal
    corner, intersection, point, apex, cusp;
    nook, niche, recess, crook;
  • 3 we need to consider the problem from a different angle
    perspective, way of looking at something, point of view, viewpoint, standpoint, position, side, aspect, slant, direction, approach, outlook, light
  • Phrases

    at an angle

    he has inserted 6-foot-long, clear plastic tubes deep into the soil, at an angle
    [Antonyms] straight, perpendicular
    at a slant, on the slant, not straight, sloping, slanting, slanted, slantwise, slant, oblique, leaning, inclining, inclined, angled, cambered, canted;
    askew, skew, lopsided, crooked, tilting, tilted, atilt, dipping, out of true, out of line;
    Scottish squint
    rare declivitous, declivous, acclivitous, acclivous


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  • 1 Anna angled her camera towards the tree
    tilt, slant;
    point, direct, aim, turn
  • 2 angle your answer so that it is relevant to the job for which you are applying
    present, slant, give a particular slant to, orient;
    skew, distort, twist, bias
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    goniometry measurement of angles

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    Synonyms of angle in English:



  • she smiled, realizing he was angling for an invitation
    try to get, seek to obtain, make a bid for, aim for, cast about/around/round for, solicit, hope for, look for
    informal fish for, be after
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