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Synonyms of annoy in English:


  • such remarks never failed to annoy him
    British informal wind up, nark, get across, get on someone's wick
    North American informal tee off, tick off, burn up, rankle, ride, gravel, bum out
    New Zealand informal rark
    vulgar slang piss off
    British vulgar slang get on someone's tits
    rare exacerbate, hump, rasp
    [Antonyms] please, gratify
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    annoy, irritate, aggravate, vex, peeve
    Someone or something that annoys a person displeases them and makes them moderately angry ( his tone of joking superiority annoyed me).Irritate suggests a trifling but long-lasting cause of annoyance ( nothing irritated him more than to be kept waiting).Some people believe that aggravate is properly used to mean only ‘make worse’, but the sense ‘annoy or exasperate’ is widespread and represents no greater a departure from an older meaning than many others that have long been accepted without comment. An action that aggravates someone else is quite often deliberate or at least easily avoidable ( he hummed under his breath, which aggravated her).Vex is a more formal or literary word used of something that irritates or worries someone, especially when they are unable to do anything about it ( I'm vexed at that girl—she ruined Christmas for the family).Peeve is an informal word, generally used when someone feels that they have been unfairly treated ( Birkitt was looking distinctly peeved, aware that Banks had upstaged him). It generally expresses relatively mild annoyance.All these words, apart from peeve, are widely used as adjectives ( it's so irritating having to constantly stop and put your kagoul on etc.).
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