Synonyms of any in English:



  • 1 is there any ginger cake left?
    some, a piece of, a part of, a bit of
  • 2 it doesn't make any difference
    the slightest bit of, the smallest amount of, a scrap of, a shred of, a particle of, an atom of, an iota of, a jot of, a whit of
  • 3 any job will do, to begin with
    whichever, whichever comes to hand, no matter which, never mind which
    informal any old
  • pronoun

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  • 1 you don't know any of my friends
    a single one, one, even one
  • 2 they ceased payments to any but the aged
  • adverb

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  • is your father any better?
    at all, in the least, to any extent, to some extent, somewhat, in any degree, to some degree
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