Synonyms of aspersions in English:



  • Phrases

    cast aspersions on

    I don't think anyone is casting aspersions on youvilifydisparagedenigratedefamerun downimpugnrevileberatebelittleabuseinsultslightattackspeak badly ofspeak ill ofspeak evil ofpour scorn oncriticizecensurecondemndecrydenouncepillorylambastefulminate againstrail againstinveigh againstmalignslanderlibelconduct a smear campaign againstspread lies aboutblacken the name/reputation ofsully the reputation ofgive someone a bad namebring into disreputediscreditstigmatizetraducecalumniateslur informalbad-mouthdo a hatchet job ontake to piecespull apartthrow mud atdrag through the mudslatehave a go athit out atjump onlay intotear intoknockslampanbashhammerroastskewerbad-mouththrow brickbats atBritish informalrubbishslag offNorth American informalpummeldump onAustralian/New Zealand informalbagmonster archaiccontemn rarederogatevituperateaspersevilipend

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