Synonyms of associate in English:



  • 1 elegance was not a concept I associated with nuns
    link, connect, couple, relate, identify, equate, bracket, think of together;
    think of in connection with, draw a parallel with, mention in the same breath as, set side by side with
  • 2 Simon had been known to associate with anarchist groups
  • 3 the firm is associated with a local non-profit-making organization
    affiliate, align, connect, join, join up, join forces, attach, combine, team up, band together, be in league, ally, form an alliance, syndicate, federate, consolidate, incorporate, conjoin, merge, integrate
  • noun

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  • the bank was run by his business associate
    partner, colleague, co-worker, fellow worker, workmate, compatriot, comrade, friend, ally, supporter, wingman, confederate, connection, contact, acquaintance;
    accomplice, accessory, abetter, partner in crime, collaborator, colluder, fellow conspirator, henchman;
    informal crony, pal, chum, buddy
    British informal mate, oppo
    Australian/New Zealand informal offsider
    archaic compeer
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