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Synonyms of assume in English:


  • 1 I assumed he wanted me to keep the book
    presume, suppose, take it, take for granted, take as read, take it as given, presuppose, conjecture, surmise, conclude, come to the conclusion, deduce, infer, draw the inference, reckon, reason, guess, imagine, think, fancy, suspect, expect, accept, believe, be of the opinion, understand, be given to understand, gather, glean;
    North American  figure
    formal opine
    archaic ween
  • 2 he had assumed a stage Southern accent
    feign, fake, put on, simulate, counterfeit, sham, affect, adopt, impersonate
  • 3 the disease may assume epidemic proportions
    acquire, take on, adopt, come to have
  • 4 the children are to assume as much responsibility as possible
    accept, shoulder, bear, undertake, take on, take up, take on oneself, manage, handle, deal with, get to grips with, turn one's hand to
  • 5 Edward I used the conflict to assume control of Scotland
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