Synonyms of authority in English:



  • 1 he had absolute authority over his subordinates a rebellion against those in authority
  • 2 military forces have the legal authority to arrest drug traffickers
    authorization, right, power, mandate, prerogative, licence; Frenchcarte blanche
    Law, historical droit
  • 3 the money was spent without parliamentary authority
    authorization, permission, consent, leave, sanction, licence, dispensation, assent, acquiescence, agreement, approval, seal of approval, approbation, endorsement, imprimatur, clearance
    informal the go-ahead, the thumbs up, the OK, the green light, say-so
    rare permit
  • 4 (authorities) the plight of the refugees was acknowledged by the authorities
    officials, officialdom, the people in charge, the government, the administration, the establishment, the bureaucracy, the system; the police
    informal the powers that be, the (men in) suits, Big Brother
  • 5 he has the natural authority of one who is used to being obeyed
    influence, sway, control, leverage, power, command, weight; reputation, standing, kudos, status, stature, prestige, gravitas, image, esteem; supremacy, superiority, eminence; rank, position, station; credibility, plausibility, integrity; acceptance, trust, faith, confidence
    informal clout, pull
    North American informal drag
  • 6 he was an authority on the stock market
    expert, specialist, professional, pundit, oracle, past master, master, maestro, doyen, adept; guru, sage, scholar; connoisseur, aficionado, one of the cognoscenti
    informal walking encyclopedia, bible, buff, boffin, ace, pro, whizz, wizard
    British informal dab hand
    North American informal maven, crackerjack
  • 7 the court cited a series of authorities supporting their decision
    source, reference, piece of documentation; citation, quotation, quote, excerpt, passage
  • 8 I have it on good authority that you were there
    evidence, testimony, witness, attestation, sworn statement, declaration, word, avowal, deposition, profession
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