Synonyms of bag in English:



  • 1 he carried a bag filled with sandwiches
    receptacle, container; shopping bag, string bag, sack; Britishcarrier bag, carrier; Scottishpoke
    North American dated keister
  • 2 I dug around in my bag for my lipstick
    handbag, shoulder bag, clutch bag, evening bag, pochette; North Americanpocketbook, purse
    British informal bumbag
    North American informal fanny pack
    historical reticule, scrip
  • 3 she began to unpack her bags
    suitcase, case, valise, portmanteau, holdall, carryall, grip, overnight bag, overnighter, flight bag, travelling bag, Gladstone bag, carpet bag; backpack, rucksack, knapsack, haversack, kitbag, duffel bag; satchel; (bags)luggage, baggage
    Australian/New Zealand informal port
  • verb

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  • 1 he bagged three pheasants
    catch, capture, trap, snare, ensnare, land; kill, shoot, pick off
  • 2 I got there early to bag a seat in the front row he bagged seven League medals during his career
    get, secure, obtain, acquire; reserve, commandeer, grab, appropriate, take; win, achieve, attain
    informal get one's hands on, get one's mitts on, nab, pick up, land, net
  • 3 her trousers bagged at the knee
    sag, hang loosely, bulge, swell, balloon
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