Synonyms of balance in English:



  • 1 I tripped and lost my balance
    [Antonyms] instability
  • 2 the way to peace and some kind of personal balance
    [Antonyms] nervousness
  • 3 the obligations of political balance in broadcasting
    [Antonyms] imbalance
  • 4 this stylistic development provides a balance to the rest of the work
  • 5 a girl was weighing material on a balance
    scale(s), weighing machine, weighbridge
  • 6 the landlord demanded payment of the balance of the rent
    remainder, outstanding amount, rest, residue, difference, remaining part/number/quantity
  • Phrases

    in the balance

    the aircraft's future is in the balance after this crashuncertainunknownundeterminedunsettledunresolvedunsurependingin limboin no man's landup in the airat a turning pointcriticalat a critical stageat a crisisdebatableopen to questionin doubtunpredictableunforeseeableincalculablespeculativeunreliableuntrustworthyundependableriskychancy informaldiceyhairyiffyBritish informaldodgy

    on balance

    their allegation is, on balance, substantially correctoverallall in allall things consideredtaking everything into consideration/accountby and largeon averagefor the most partmostlymainlyin the mainon the wholein generalgenerallygenerally speakinglargelyto a large extentto a great degree


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  • 1 she balanced the book on her head
    steady, stabilize; poise, level, prop, position
  • 2 he balanced his radical remarks with more familiar declarations
  • 3 a country's payments for imports and receipts for exports must balance
    correspond, agree, tally, match up, concur, coincide, be in agreement, be consistent, equate, be equal, harmonize, be in harmony, be compatible, be consonant, be congruous, be in tune, dovetail, correlate
    informal square
    North American informal jibe
  • 4 it is a matter of balancing advantages against disadvantages
    weigh, weigh up, compare, evaluate, consider, assess, appraise, estimate
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