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Synonyms of bare in English:


  • 1 he was bare from the waist up
    naked, unclothed, undressed, uncovered, stripped, with nothing on, in a state of nature, disrobed, unclad, undraped, exposed;
    French au naturel
    informal without a stitch on, in one's birthday suit, in the raw, in the altogether, in the buff, as naked as the day one was born, in the nuddy, mother naked
    British informal starkers
    Scottish informal in the scud, scuddy
    North American informal bare-assed, buck naked
    Australian informal bollocky
    British vulgar slang bollock-naked
    [Antonyms] clothed
  • 2 a bare room
    empty, emptied, unfurnished, vacant, clear, cleared, free, stark, austere, spartan, unadorned, unembellished, unornamented, unfussy, plain
    [Antonyms] furnished, embellished
  • 3 bare floorboards
    uncovered, uncarpeted, unpainted, unvarnished;
    polished, sealed
  • 4 a cupboard bare of food
    empty of, emptied of, without, lacking, devoid of, bereft of, wanting, deprived of, destitute of, free from
    [Antonyms] containing
  • 5 a bare landscape
    barren, bleak, exposed, desolate, stark, arid, desert, denuded, lunar;
    treeless, forestless, without vegetation, defoliated;
    rare unwooded
    [Antonyms] lush
  • 6 Herodotus did not record just the bare facts
    straightforward, plain, simple, basic, pure, essential, bare-bones, fundamental, stripped down, cut down, stark, bald, cold, hard;
    truthful, realistic, true to life;
    brutal, harsh;
    explicit, unequivocal, unambiguous, unexaggerated, unadorned, unembellished, undisguised, unveiled, unvarnished, unqualified
    informal warts and all
  • 7 the bare minimum a bare majority
    mere, no more than, no better than, just a, only a, simple, sheer, very, basic;
    slim, slight, slender, paltry, skimpy, minimum, trifling
    [Antonyms] comfortable
  • verb

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  • he bared his arm
    uncover, strip, lay bare, undress, unclothe, denude, unveil, unmask;
    expose, expose to view, reveal;
    display, put on display, put on show, exhibit
    [Antonyms] cover
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    bare, naked, nude
    See naked
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