Synonyms of bawl in English:



  • 1 ‘Come on, Simon!’ he bawled
    shout, call out, cry out, cry, yell, roar, bellow, screech, scream, shriek, howl, whoop, bark, growl, snarl, bluster, vociferate, trumpet, thunder
    informal yammer
    North American informal holler
    [Antonyms] whisper
  • 2 the children continued to bawl
    cry, sob, weep, shed tears, wail, blubber, snivel, whimper, whine, howl, squall
    informal blub
    Scottish informal greet
    rare ululate
  • noun

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  • he addressed the class in a terrifying bawl
    shout, yell, cry, roar, bellow, screech, scream, howl, whoop
    North American informal holler
    [Antonyms] whisper
  • Phrases

    bawl someone out

    informal the Brigadier had been bawling him out
    [Antonyms] compliment
    reprimandrebukescoldadmonishreproveupbraidchastisechidecensurecastigatelambasteberatelecturecriticizetake to taskread the Riot Act togive a piece of one's mind tohaul over the coals informaltell offgive someone a telling-offdress downgive someone a dressing-downpitch intolay intolace intoblow up atgive someone an earfulgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickingBritish informalhave a go atcarpettear someone off a stripgive someone what forlet someone have itNorth American informalchew outream outBritish vulgar slangbollockgive someone a bollocking

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