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Synonyms of bed in English:


  • 1 she undressed and climbed into her bed
    couch, berth, billet
    informal the sack, the hay
    British informal one's pit
    Scottish informal kip
  • 2 a flower bed
    patch, plot, area, lot, space, border, strip, row
  • 3 the pavement consists of granite blocks set on a bed of cement
  • 4 the bed of the stream
    bottom, floor, ground, depths
  • Phrases

    go to bed
    [Antonyms] get up, rise
    retire, call it a day;
    go to sleep, get some sleep, sleep, nap, have/take a nap, catnap, doze, have a doze
    informal hit the sack, hit the hay, turn in, snooze, snatch forty winks, get some shut-eye
    British informal kip, have a kip, get some kip, hit the pit
    North American informal catch some Zs
    literary slumber
    go to bed with someone
    have sex with, have sexual intercourse with, make love to, sleep with, spend the night with;
    couple with, mate with
    informal bed, score with
    euphemistic have one's (wicked) way with
    formal copulate with
    formal fornicate with


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  • 1 the tiles are bedded in mortar
    embed, set, fix into, insert, inlay, implant, bury, base, plant, settle
  • 2 I bedded out a few of the houseplants in a prominent position in the garden
    plant, plant out, set in beds/soil, put in the ground, set out, transplant
  • Phrases

    bed down

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