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Synonyms of behind in English:


  • 1 he slept in a hut behind their house
    at the back of, at the rear of, beyond, on the other side of, on the far side of, on the further side of;
    North American  in back of
    [Antonyms] in front of
  • 2 behind her was a small child
    after, following, to the rear of, in the wake of, at the back of, close on, hard on the heels of, on the trail of
  • 3 you are way behind the rest of the class
    less advanced than, slower than, weaker than, inferior to
  • 4 work on the car is months behind schedule
    later than, late in relation to, after
  • 5 he was believed to have been behind a number of bombings
    responsible for, at the bottom of, at the back of, the cause of, the source of, the organizer of;
    to blame for, culpable of, guilty of;
  • 6 the All Blacks have the whole nation behind them
    supporting, backing, for, on the side of, in agreement with;
  • Phrases

    put something behind one
    the team have to put this morning's result behind them
    consign something to the past, put something down to experience, forget about something, pay no heed to something, ignore, regard as water under the bridge


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  • 1 each plane took off with a glider following on behind
    after, afterwards, at the back, in the rear, in the wake, at the end, at six o'clock
    [Antonyms] ahead, in front
  • 2 ‘I'm off to dance!’ he called behind
    over one's shoulder, to the rear, to the back, towards the rear, towards the back, backwards
    [Antonyms] ahead
  • 3 he stayed behind to sign autographs
    afterwards, remaining after departure
  • 4 we're behind so don't stop
    running late, late, behind schedule, behindhand, delayed, not on time, behind time
    [Antonyms] ahead
  • 5 he was behind with his subscription payments
    in arrears, overdue, in debt, in the red;
    late, unpunctual, tardy, behindhand, behind target
    [Antonyms] ahead
  • noun

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