Synonyms of bend in English:



  • 1 copper pipes should not be bent without support
    curve, crook, make crooked, make curved, flex, angle, hook, bow, arc, arch, buckle, warp, contort, distort, deform; twist, spiral, coil, curl, loop
    [Antonyms] straighten
  • 2 the highway bent to the left up ahead
    turn, curve, incline, swing, veer, swerve, deviate, diverge, fork, change course; twist, snake, wind, meander, zigzag, curl, loop
  • 3 he bent and patted the dog
    [Antonyms] straighten up
  • 4 they want to bend me to their will
    mould, shape, manipulate, direct, force, press, influence, incline, sway, bias, warp, impress, compel, persuade; subdue, subjugate
  • 5 he bent his mind to the question
    direct, point, aim, turn, train, steer, set
  • Phrases

    bend over backwards

    informal they have bent over backwards to ensure a fair trialtry one's hardesttry as hard as one cando one's bestdo one's utmostdo all one cangive one's allmake every effortstrivestruggleapply oneselfexert oneselfwork hardendeavourtry informaldo one's damnedestgo all outpull out all the stopsbust a gutmove heaven and earthgive it one's best shotAustralian/New Zealand informalgo for the doctor


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  • he came to a bend in the road
    curve, turn, corner, kink, angle, arc, crescent, twist, crook, deviation, deflection, loop; dog-leg, oxbow, zigzag; Britishhairpin bend, hairpin turn, hairpin
    [Antonyms] straight
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