Synonyms of benign in English:



  • 1 he adopted a benign grandfatherly role
    [Antonyms] unfriendly hostile
  • 2 the climate becomes more benign nearer to the Black Sea
    temperate, mild, gentle, clement, calm, balmy, pleasant, agreeable, soft, soothing, refreshing; healthy, health-giving, wholesome, salubrious
    [Antonyms] harsh, unhealthy
  • 3 the lizard has a chance of survival if its environment is benign
    favourable, advantageous, beneficial; helpful, propitious, auspicious, lucky, opportune, fortunate, providential, encouraging, benevolent, conducive; right, good
    [Antonyms] unfavourable
  • 4 he had surgery to remove a benign tumour
    harmless, non-malignant, non-cancerous, non-dangerous, innocent; curable, remediable, treatable, removable
    technical benignant
    [Antonyms] malignant
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