Synonyms of beside in English:



  • 1 Kate walked beside him
    alongside, by the side of, at the side of, next to, parallel to, abreast of, at someone's elbow, with, by;
    adjacent to, next door to, cheek by jowl with, hard by;
    archaic aside of
  • 2 beside Paula, she always felt clumsy
    compared with, in comparison with, next to, against, contrasted with, in contrast to/with
  • Phrases

    beside oneself

    Ursula was beside herself with worry
    distraught, overcome, out of one's mind, frantic, desperate, distracted, not knowing what to do with oneself, at one's wits' end, frenzied, in a frenzy;
    hysterical, unhinged, mad, crazed, berserk, demented;

    beside the point

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    para-1 related prefix, as in parathyroid, parasite

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