Synonyms of best in English:



  • 1 the best hotel in Paris
    finest, greatest, top, foremost, leading, pre-eminent, premier, prime, first, chief, principal, supreme, of the highest quality, superlative, unrivalled, second to none, without equal, nonpareil, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, peerless, matchless, unparalleled, unbeaten, unbeatable, unexcelled, optimum, optimal, ultimate, surpassing, incomparable, ideal, perfect; highest, record-breaking; Britishtop of the range; chiefly UStop of the line; Frenchpar excellence
    informal star, number-one, one-in-a-million, a cut above the rest, top-drawer
    [Antonyms] worst
  • 2 do whatever you think best
    most advantageous, most suitable, most fitting, most appropriate, most apt; most prudent, most sensible, most advisable, most desirable
  • adverb

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  • 1 the best-dressed man in Britain
    to the highest standard, in the best way
    [Antonyms] worst
  • 2 the food he liked best
    most, to the highest/greatest degree
    [Antonyms] least
  • 3 this is best done at home
    most sensibly, most prudently, most wisely, most suitably, most fittingly, most advantageously, most usefully; better
  • Phrases

    had best

    I'd best be goingought toshould


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  • 1 people for whom only the best will do
    finest, top, cream, choice, choicest, prime, elite, crème de la crème, flower, jewel in the crown, nonpareil
    informal the tops, the pick of the bunch
  • 2 he always tries to see the best in others
    most favourable/pleasant aspect, best point; advantage, asset, virtue, good point
  • 3 she dressed in her best
    best clothes, finery, Sunday best
    informal best bib and tucker, glad rags
  • 4 give her my best when you see her
  • Phrases

    at one's best

    Lily was not at her best yesterdayon top formin the pinkin great shapein the best of healthpeakprimeBritish informalon song rarein fine feather

    do one's best

    Caroline had done her best to help himdo one's utmosttry one's hardesttry as hard as one canmake every effortspare no effortdo all one cangive one's allbe at pains informalbend/fall/lean over backwardsdo one's damnedestgo all outpull out all the stopsbust a gutbreak one's neckmove heaven and earthNorth American informaldo one's darnedest/durnedestAustralian informalgo for the doctor


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  • informal he won't like being bested by a woman
    defeat, beat, get the better of, gain the advantage over, get the upper hand over, outdo, outwit, outsmart, worst, be more than a match for, prevail over, conquer, vanquish, trounce, triumph over; surpass, outclass, outshine, put someone in the shade, overshadow, eclipse
    informal lick, get one over on
    US informal own
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