Synonyms of blacken in English:



  • 1 you use it to blacken your hair
    make black, black, darken, make dark/darker;
    dirty, make dirty, make sooty, make smoky, stain, grime, begrime, befoul, soil
    [Antonyms] whiten, clean
  • 2 the sky blackened
    grow/become black, darken, dim, grow dim, cloud over
    [Antonyms] lighten, brighten
  • 3 she won't thank you for blackening her husband's name
    sully, tarnish, blot, besmirch, drag through the mud/mire, stain, taint, smear, smudge, befoul, soil, contaminate, pollute, disgrace, dishonour, bring discredit to, injure, damage, spoil;
    slander, defame, traduce
    literary besmear, smirch
    archaic spot, breathe on
    [Antonyms] clear, enhance
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