Synonyms of bless in English:



  • 1 the chaplain said more prayers and blessed the couple
    ask God's favour for, ask God's protection for, give a benediction for, invoke happiness on
    [Antonyms] curse
  • 2 the Cardinal blessed the memorial plaque
    consecrate, sanctify, hallow, dedicate (to God), make holy, make sacred, set apart, devote to God;
    anoint, ordain, canonize, beatify
    [Antonyms] deconsecrate
  • 3 let us bless the name of the Lord
    praise, worship, glorify, honour, exalt, adore, pay tribute to, pay homage to, give thanks to, venerate, reverence, hallow
    archaic magnify, laud
  • 4 the gods have blessed us with magical voices
    endow, favour, provide, grace, bestow, furnish, entrust, present;
    grant, vouchsafe, afford, accord, give, donate;
    confer on, lavish on
    literary endue
    [Antonyms] trouble
  • 5 I bless the day you came here
    give thanks for, express gratitude for, be grateful for;
    thank, appreciate, celebrate
    [Antonyms] rue
  • 6 the government refused to bless the undertaking
    sanction, consent to, give consent for, give assent to, endorse, agree to, concur with, approve, give approval for, give one's blessing to, back, support, be in favour of, smile on
    informal give the thumbs up to, give the green light to, OK
    North American rare approbate
    [Antonyms] oppose
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