Synonyms of blessing in English:



  • 1 may God continue to give us his blessing
    protection, favour
    [Antonyms] condemnation
  • 2 they received a special blessing from a Catholic priest
    benediction, dedication, consecration, invocation, commendation, prayer for someone, intercession; grace, thanksgiving, thanks; Jewishkiddush
    archaic orison
    [Antonyms] anathema
  • 3 he gave the plan his blessing
    sanction, consent, assent, endorsement, clearance, agreement, concurrence, approval, seal of approval, stamp of approval, imprimatur, backing, support, favour, good wishes
    informal the go-ahead, the thumbs up, the green light, the OK
    formal approbation
  • 4 it was a blessing that they didn't have very far to go
    advantage, benefit, help, boon, good thing, godsend, favour, gift, convenience; bonus, plus point, added attraction, additional benefit, extra, added extra; luck, stroke of luck, piece of luck, good fortune, windfall, gain, profit, virtue, bounty
    informal plus, perk
    literary benison
    [Antonyms] affliction
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