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Synonyms of blood in English:


  • 1 there was blood streaming from a wound in his head
    gore, lifeblood, vital fluid
    literary ichor
  • 3 my daughter defies me—my own flesh and blood! relations by blood or marriage
    kin, kindred, relation, member of one's family, next of kin;
    blood relationship, relationship, kinship
    formal kinsman, kinswoman
  • Word links

    haem- related prefix, as in haemodialysis
    haemat- related prefix, as in haematocele
    haemal relating to blood, haemic, haematic, sanguineous ( archaic) relating to blood
    haematology branch of medicine to do with the blood
    oscillometry, sphygmomanometry measurement of blood pressure
    haemophobia fear of blood
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