Synonyms of board in English:



  • 1 a wooden board
    plank, beam, panel, slat, batten, timber, length of timber, piece of wood, lath
  • 2 the board of directors
    committee, council, panel, directorate, commission, group, delegation, delegates, trustees, panel of trustees, convocation; Britishquango
  • 3 your room and board will be free
    food, meals, daily meals, provisions, sustenance, nourishment, fare, diet, menu, table, bread, daily bread, foodstuffs, refreshments, edibles; keep, maintenance, upkeep; Scottishvivas
    informal grub, nosh, eats, chow, scoff
  • verb

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  • 1 he had boarded the aircraft
    get on, enter, go on board, go aboard, step aboard, climb on, mount, ascend, embark; catch
    informal hop on, jump on
    [Antonyms] alight get off
  • 2 a number of his students boarded with him and his wife
    lodge, live, reside, have rooms, be quartered, be housed, be settled, have one's home; North Americanroom
    informal put up, have digs
  • 3 the old system of boarding young trainees on the farm has virtually disappeared
    accommodate, lodge, take in, put up, house, billet, quarter, harbour, provide shelter for, shelter, give a bed to, give someone a roof over their head, make room for, give accommodation to, receive; keep, feed, cater for, cook for
  • Phrases

    board something up/over

    both its windows had been boarded upcover up/overclose upshut upseal

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