Synonyms of boil in English:



  • 1 boil the potatoes in salted water
    bring to the boil, simmer, heat;
    [Antonyms] freeze
  • 2 the stew is boiling
    simmer, bubble, seethe, heat, cook, stew
    [Antonyms] freeze
  • 3 a huge cliff with the sea boiling below
    be turbulent, be agitated, froth, foam, churn, seethe, bubble, fizz, effervesce
    literary roil
  • 4 inwardly, she boiled at his lack of consideration
    be angry, be furious, be indignant, rage, fume, seethe, smoulder;
    lose one's temper, lose control, rant, rave, storm, fulminate, bluster, explode, flare up, go berserk, throw a tantrum
    British informal spit feathers
    [Antonyms] keep calm
  • Phrases

    boil something down

    continuing to boil down the syrup produces maple sugar crystals
    [Antonyms] dilute
    condense, concentrate, reduce, distil, thicken, compress;

    boil down to

    it all boils down to a personality clash
    come down to, amount to, be in essence, comprise, add up to


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  • add the stock and bring it to the boil
    boiling point, 100 degrees Celsius/centigrade
    [Antonyms] freezing point
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    Synonyms of boil in English:



  • a girl with a boil on her nose
    swelling, spot, pimple, blister, pustule, eruption, blemish, carbuncle, wen, cyst, abscess, tumour, ulcer, chilblain, gumboil;
    Scottish plook
    technical furuncle
    rare blain
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