Synonyms of booby in English:



  • it wasn't like him to be such a booby
    idiot, fool, stupid person, simpleton, moron, cretin, imbecile, ignoramus, oaf, dunce, dolt, dullard, nincompoop, duffer, jackass; bungler, blunderer
    British informal berk, divvy, nit, numpty, goat, mug, pillock, prat, silly billy, wazzock, muppet
    Scottish informal balloon, cuddy, galoot, nyaff
    Australian/New Zealand informal galah, drongo, alec, alick, dingbat, nong
    vulgar slang arsehole, dick, dildo, fuckwit
    British vulgar slang arse, knobhead
    North American vulgar slang asshat
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