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  • 3 years ago, Windsor Forest bordered on Broadmoor
    adjoin, abut (on), bound on, butt up against, be adjacent to, lie next to, neighbour, be contiguous with, touch, join, connect, meet, reach, extend as far as


border on

he looked at her with something that bordered on contempt verge onapproachcome close tocome near tobe near tobe comparable toapproximate tobe tantamount tobe not dissimilar tobe not unlikebe similar toresemblelook like informalbe not a million miles away from

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border, boundary, frontier
Border generally denotes a national boundary and, as such, a barrier ( the building of a huge dam on the Thai–Laotian border | a border checkpoint ). It is also used figuratively of the division between concepts ( his mistake in crossing the border between passion and brutality ).A boundary marks the division between two areas, but the emphasis is less on the existence of a barrier than on simply defining the area ( there were frequent disputes between the two counties as to the exact position of the boundary ). The word boundary is commonly used in a figurative sense ( technologies which cut across traditional boundaries between industrial sectors ), and the dividing line is seen as more fluid than a border ( literacy campaigns push back the boundaries of ignorance ).A frontier is used of national borders, especially borders between hostile powers ( Germany recognized its frontier with France and Belgium ). A Europe without frontiers would be one with no barriers to trade or travel. Frontier can also denote the point beyond which no one can go or has yet gone ( extending the frontiers of knowledge ) and is frequently used in the same context as words such as new, explore, last, push, and science.

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