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Synonyms of bottom in English:


  • 1 she reached the bottom of the stairs
    foot, lowest part, lowest point, base, extremity;
    foundation, basis, support, substructure, substratum, groundwork, underpinning
    [Antonyms] top
  • 2 they examined the bottom of the car
  • 3 the boat sank to the bottom of Lake Ontario
    floor, bed, ground, depths
    [Antonyms] surface
  • 4 there's a little cottage at the bottom of his garden
    the furthest part, the farthest point, the far end, the extremity
    [Antonyms] top
  • 5 Mark was right at the bottom of his class
    lowest level, lowest position, least important part, least successful part, least honourable part
    [Antonyms] top
  • 6British I've got a tattoo on my bottom
    rear, rump, rear end, backside, seat;
    French derrière;
    German Sitzfleisch
    technical nates
    informal behind, sit-upon, stern, BTM, tochus, rusty dusty
    British informal bum, botty, prat, jacksie
    Scottish informal bahookie
    North American informal butt, fanny, tush, tushie, tail, duff, buns, booty, caboose, heinie, patootie, keister, tuchis, bazoo, bippy
    West Indian informal batty, rass
    humorous fundament, posterior
    British vulgar slang arse, clunge
    North American vulgar slang ass
    archaic breech
  • 7 Police got to the bottom of a racket in stolen cars
    origin, cause, root, source, starting point, core, centre, heart, kernel, base, basis, foundation;
    reality, essence, nitty-gritty, substance;
  • Phrases

    from top to bottom
    they had to fumigate the house from top to bottom
    thoroughly, fully, to the fullest extent, extensively, completely, comprehensively, rigorously, exhaustively, scrupulously, meticulously, conscientiously, minutely, in close detail


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  • she sat on the bottom step
    technical basal
    [Antonyms] highest
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