Synonyms of bovine in English:



  • 1 she gazed at me with her large, bovine eyes
  • 2 his jaw dropped in an expression of bovine amazement
    stupid, slow, dim-witted, dull-witted, ignorant, unintelligent, imperceptive, half-baked, vacuous, mindless, witless, obtuse, doltish, blockish, lumpish, wooden; stolid, phlegmatic, placid, somnolent, sluggish, torpid, lifeless, inert, inanimate
    British informal dozy, divvy, daft, not the full shilling
    Scottish & Northern English informal glaikit
    North American informal chowderhead, dumb-ass
    West Indian informal dotish
    rare hebete
    [Antonyms] quick-witted
  • noun

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  • the 700-pound bovine bolted back to the herd
    cow, heifer, bull, bullock, calf, ox; beef
    North American informal boss, bossy
    archaic neat
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