Synonyms of bow in English:

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bow 1

Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘now’


  • 1 the officers bowed and doffed their caps
    incline the body, incline the head, make an obeisance, make a bow, nod, curtsy, drop a curtsy, bob, salaam, genuflect, bend the knee, kowtow
  • 2 the government reluctantly bowed to foreign pressure
    give in, give way, yield, submit, surrender, succumb, capitulate, assent, defer, kowtow, truckle, adhere, conform;
    acquiesce in, concur with, comply with, act in accordance with, cooperate with, accept, heed, observe
    [Antonyms] defy
  • Phrases

    bow out
    the player bowed out of international competition
    [Antonyms] engage in
    withdraw from, resign from, retire from, step down from, get out of, pull out of, back out of, stop participating in;
    give up, quit, leave, abandon
    archaic forsake, demit


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  • Webster offered the Prince a perfunctory bow
    inclination, obeisance, nod, curtsy, bob, salaam, salutation;
    Indian  namaskar
    Chinese, historical kowtow
    archaic reverence
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    Synonyms of bow in English:

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    bow 2
    Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘now’


  • the bow of the tanker swept by their stern
    prow, front, forepart, stem, rostrum, ram, nose, head, bowsprit, cutwater
    informal sharp end
    rare fore-end, stem-post, beak, beakhead
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    Synonyms of bow in English:

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    bow 3
    Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘flow’


  • 1 thread the ribbon through the hole and tie it in a bow
    loop, knot;
    lace, ribbon
  • 2 he bent the rod into a bow
    arc, arch, crescent, curve, bend;
    half-moon, oxbow
  • 3 swifter than an arrow from an archer's bow
  • verb

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  • the mast quivered and bowed as Trent climbed up it
    bend, buckle, stoop, curve, arch, arc, crook, flex, curl, deform
  • Word links

    arcuate (rare) relating to archers' bows
    bowyer seller of archers' bows
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