Synonyms of bowl in English:

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bowl 1


  • 1 he got a wicket for every thirty balls he bowled
    spin, roll
    informal chuck, sling, bung, heave, buzz, whang
    North American informal peg
    Australian informal hoy
    New Zealand informal bish
  • 2 the car bowled along the country roads
    hurtle, speed, career, shoot, streak, sweep, hare, fly, wing;
    drive, motor, move, travel, go, proceed
    informal belt, pelt, tear, scoot, tool
    British informal bomb, bucket, shift, go like the clappers
    North American informal clip, boogie, hightail, barrel
    archaic post, hie
  • Phrases

    bowl someone over
  • 1 the explosion bowled us over
    knock down, knock over, bring down, fell, floor, prostrate;
    catch off balance
  • 2 informal I have been bowled over by everyone's generosity
    overwhelm, astound, amaze, astonish, surprise, impress, overawe, dumbfound, stagger, stun, daze, bewilder, nonplus, shock, startle, shake, take aback, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast;
    take someone's breath away, strike dumb, catch off balance
    informal knock for six, knock sideways, throw, floor, flabbergast, faze, blow someone's mind, blow away
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    Synonyms of bowl in English:

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    bowl 2


  • 1 she cracked two eggs into a bowl
    container, vessel, receptacle, repository;
    pudding bowl, soup bowl, fruit bowl, punchbowl, mixing bowl, sugar bowl, finger bowl, rose bowl;
    in ancient Greece crater
  • 2 the town lay half a mile away in a shallow bowl
    hollow, valley, dip, depression, indentation, well, trough, crater, cavity, concavity, sinkhole, hole, pit, excavation;
    British  punchbowl
  • 3North American they are playing a concert at the Hollywood Bowl next month
    enclosure, ground;
    in ancient Rome circus, hippodrome
    informal park
    rare cirque
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