Synonyms of brain in English:



  • 1 the disease attacks certain cells in the brain
    cerebrum, cerebral matter
    technical encephalon
  • 2 (also brains) success requires brains as well as brawn she racked her brain for inspiration
    intelligence, intellect, intellectual capacity, mental capacity, brainpower, cleverness, wit, wits, powers of reasoning, reasoning, wisdom, sagacity, acumen, discernment, shrewdness, judgement, understanding, common sense, sense; mind, head
    informal nous, grey matter, savvy, braininess, upper storey
    British informal loaf
    North American informal smarts
    South African informal kop
  • 3 (brains) informal Janice is the brains of the family
    clever person, intellectual, intellect, bluestocking, thinker, highbrow, mind, scholar, sage; genius, Einstein, polymath, prodigy; mastermind
    British informal brainbox, clever clogs, boffin
    North American informal brainiac, rocket scientist
    [Antonyms] dunce idiot
  • Word links

    cerebro- related prefix, as in cerebro-spinal
    encephalo- related prefix, as in encephalopathy
    cerebral, encephalic relating to the brain
    encephalitis inflammation of the brain

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