Synonyms of breath in English:



  • 1 I took a deep breath
    gulp of air, inhalation, inspiration; exhalation, expiration; sigh; pant, gasp, wheeze
    technical respiration
  • 2 I had barely enough breath left to gasp a reply
    informal puff
  • 3 the night was still, with hardly a breath of wind
    puff, waft, slight stirring, sigh, faint breeze
    literary zephyr
  • 4 not a breath of scandal was ever associated with his name
  • 5 archaic there was no breath left in him
    life, life force, animation, vital force
  • Phrases

    take someone's breath away

    astonishastoundamazesurprise greatlystunstartlestaggershockshattertake abackstop someone in their tracksleave open-mouthedleave aghastdumbfoundjoltshake upaweoverawethrill informalknock for sixknock sidewaysfloorflabbergastblow someone's mindblow awayknock someone outbowl overstrike dumb

    Word links

    spiro-2 related prefix, as in spirometer
    respiratory relating to breath

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