Synonyms of brighten in English:



  • 1 the morning sunshine brightened the room the sky was brightening
    make/become bright, make/become brighter, light up, lighten, throw/cast/shed light on, illuminate, illumine, irradiate
  • 2 with the right choice of shrubs and plants, you can brighten up the shadiest of corners
    enhance, embellish, make more attractive, enrich, freshen; dress up, ginger up, add some colour to, prettify, beautify, grace
    informal jazz up, zhoosh (up)
  • 3 Sarah brightened up considerably as she thought of Emily's words
    cheer up, buoy up, perk up, wake up, rally; gladden, enliven, animate, invigorate, hearten, rejuvenate, uplift, encourage, stimulate, arouse, raise someone's spirits, give someone a lift
    informal buck up, pep up
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