Synonyms of brush in English:



  • 1 a dustpan and brush a fine camel-hair brush
    broom, sweeper, besom, whisk, sweeping brush;
    hairbrush, clothes brush, scrubbing brush, toothbrush, paintbrush
  • 2 he gave the seat a brush with the back of his hand
    clean, sweep, wipe, dust, mop
  • 3 a fox's brush
  • 4 Luke had said goodbye with no more than the lightest brush of his lips against her cheek
    touch, stroke, skim, graze, glance, rub, shave, pat, nudge, contact;
    informal swipe
  • 5 a brush with the law
    British informal spot of bother
    British informal , Football afters
  • verb

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  • 1 he spent most of his day brushing the floors
    sweep, clean, buff, scrub
  • 2 she brushed her long auburn hair
    groom, comb, neaten, tidy, make neat/tidy, smarten, smooth, arrange, fix, adjust, preen, primp, do, titivate;
  • 3 she felt his lips lightly brush against her cheek
    touch, stroke, caress, skim, sweep, graze, shave, glance, contact, flick, scrape;
  • 4 she brushed a wisp of hair away from her face
    push, move, sweep, clear, clean, remove
  • Phrases

    brush something aside

    she brushed aside his repeated warnings
    overlook, pay no attention to, take no notice of, refuse to acknowledge, neglect, think no more of, forget about, have no time for, shut one's eyes to, turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to;
    reject, spurn, flout;
    informal play down, pooh-pooh, cock a snook at

    brush someone off

    he scrambled up to help her, but she brushed him off
    rebuff, dismiss, spurn, reject, repudiate, refuse, disown, slight, deny, scorn, disdain;
    ignore, disregard, snub, cut, cut dead, turn one's back on, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, look right through, freeze out;
    informal knock back, give the brush-off, give the heave-ho, give someone their marching orders, give someone their walking papers, tell someone to get lost
    British informal give someone the push, give someone the elbow, give someone the big E, bin off
    North American informal give someone the air
    archaic forsake

    brush up (on)

    I've been brushing up on my Italian
    revise, read up, go over, refresh one's memory of, relearn, cram, study, learn;
    improve, sharpen (up), polish up, better, enhance;
    informal rub up, bone up
    British informal swot up (on), gen up on

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    Synonyms of brush in English:



  • a haven of open spaces and thick brush
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